Hello Possibilities.

Welcome to a new era of conversational speech technology. Powered by Artificial Intelligence. 

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Hello Happy Customers.

Vestec-powered call center solutions deliver significantly lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

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Hello Television.

Vestec-powered consumer electronics change the way people interact with their world.

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Hello Affordability.

Artificial intelligence brings speech applications to life faster and at a cost lower than traditional approaches.  

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A Breakthrough Solution

The first wave of speech technologies has not lived up to expectations. A poor ability to understand the users' intent, plus high development and implementation cost...

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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Unleashing the Power of Speech

Instead of relying on brute force matching that has plagued first-generation speech technology, Vestec simulates how humans actually understand speech... 

We De-mystify Speech

At Vestec, we understand that people want to use natural spoken speech to interact with their computers, cars, mobile devices, and other every day technology, making their everyday tasks faster and easier. Vestec has de-mystified the soft computing Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques used in simulating how humans actually understand speech.

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