Endless Possibilities.

Change is here!

Change in the form of powerful software – Software that provides better speech recognition, in multiple languages, without the need for internet access … with a footprint small enough to be deeply embedded into microcontrollers.

Now, consumer, industrial, medical and IoT products will be able to be developed quickly, in multiple languages, with simple web-based tools that let you design, edit, test and create custom working prototypes faster than ever before.

…And Vestec offers even more possibilities through their Natural Language Understanding technologies.

We De-mystify Speech

Woman driving a car with her kids

At Vestec, we understand that people want to use natural spoken speech to interact with their computers, cars, mobile devices, and other every day technology, making their everyday tasks faster and easier.

Vestec has de-mystified the soft computing Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques used in simulating how humans actually understand speech.

Learn more about applications that make your life easier, at work and at play.