Introducing a paradigm shift in speech technology.

Leveraging years of research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Vestec has created a suite of speech technology solutions that represents a true breakthrough in speed, efficiency and affordability.

  • A powerful, affordable, standards-compliant Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Engine
  • A sophisticated ASR-independent Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Engine
  • A Text To Speech (TTS) Engine with an extremely small footprint, and
  • Speech and NLU Toolkits to develop robust conversational speech-enabled applications

Vestec's products represent a true paradigm shift, from the traditional pattern matching methodology to AI-driven quality and performance. Driven by Natural Language Understanding, they feature keyword spotting combined with semantic intent and contextual analysis to accurately identify what a speaker is saying. This provides a number of significant advantages:

  • Menu navigation that routes the user to the correct node in the menu tree, thus eliminating the need to navigate through a series of intervening nodes
  • Interpretation of free-form text to populate content into any structured electronic record
  • The ability to intelligently detect, differentiate, and flag compliance irregularities, and
  • Transcription of spoken content for indexing analysis using domain identification

Our products can be utilized to create sophisticated speech-based user interfaces for any business process, in any industry, in any language, and on any platform platform: see our extensive list of applications. We support both keywords and natural speech interaction, and also offer custom solutions in embedded, server, or cloud configurations for a wide variety of applications in all major languages.

Speech Recognition

Vestec's small, medium, and large vocabulary ASR Engines generate high recognition accuracy and are designed for a variety of different tasks and different platforms. Because they are standards-compliant, they are...

Natural Language Understanding

With Vestec's NLU Engine, you can enable conversational interaction in virtually any business process, in any industry, in any language, on any platform, including sophisticated functions such as menu...

Text to Speech

Vestec's MRCP (v1 and v2) and SSML standards-compliant Text-To-Speech (TTS) Engine uses a unique text synthesis methodology to generate natural sounding speech like never before. What's more, you can configure speech rate...

Speech and NLU Toolkits

Vestec's Speech Lab In the Cloud (SLIC) and Data Engine (DE) Toolkits are designed to help developers create natural speech menu navigation and form filling solutions. They increase routing accuracy by 10-20% and...

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